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The goal of our presentations is to inform and equip Christians about the reality of abortion in Canada and what we can do about it. We have spoken for churches, youth groups, elder's meetings, conferences, home school groups, highschools, and many other audiences. 

Suggested Presentation Topics​​

A Voice for the Voiceless: How to Speak the Truth about Abortion in Love

​The Strategy for Ending Abortion

​Abortion and the Church: Loving Our Pre-Born Neighbors


​​The Culture War

"The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform is one of the most important educational organizations operating in Canada today. In a nation where there is still no abortion law, their work has been highly influential in turning the tide and remains indispensable for exposing the injustice of abortion nationally, working towards legislative change by re-educating the Canadian public regarding the true nature of this hidden atrocity. I cannot commend their outstanding efforts strongly enough."


Founder and President of the Ezra Institute

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