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What you can do to encourage and equip your congregation to take action on the issue of abortion

Become a CCBR Rep for your church to connect your community with pro-life training and outreach opportunities!

Learn more about how Imago Dei partners with churches

"The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform is one of the most important educational organizations operating in Canada today. In a nation where there is still no abortion law, their work has been highly influential in turning the tide and remains indispensable for exposing the injustice of abortion nationally, working towards legislative change by re-educating the Canadian public regarding the true nature of this hidden atrocity. I cannot commend their outstanding efforts strongly enough."


Founder and President of the Ezra Institute

How to Help Your Church Get Involved​

1. Meet with us

We'd love to meet with you to share more about CCBR and to talk about how we can help equip your church to respond to abortion. We encourage you to invite your pastor and any other church members who are interested to join the meeting as well.

2. Host a presentation

The goal of our presentations is to inform and equip Christians about the reality of abortion in Canada and how Christians can respond. You could organize a presentation for your church, school, youth group, elders and deacons, a conference, or any other group. 

3. Run the Pro-Life Study Series

The Pro-Life Study Series is a program designed specifically to equip Christians to defend life in the womb. There are 5 sessions that can be run over 5 weeks. Each one includes a 30-minute video presentation and discussion questions set out in facilitator and participant guides. 

4. Become financial supporters 

CCBR’s life-saving work relies solely on the sacrificial donations of individuals and churches who are dedicated to ending the killing of pre-born children. 

5. Supply resources for your community

Forward our newsletter to you church to stay up-to-date on volunteer and training opportunities, abortion-related news, and various resources. You can also request copies of our print literature and discounts on our books for your library. 

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