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"The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform is one of the most important educational organizations operating in Canada today. In a nation where there is still no abortion law, their work has been highly influential in turning the tide and remains indispensable for exposing the injustice of abortion nationally, working towards legislative change by re-educating the Canadian public regarding the true nature of this hidden atrocity. I cannot commend their outstanding efforts strongly enough."


Founder and President of the Ezra Institute

Though it is always unpleasant to be confronted with the disturbing facts about abortion the gripping presentation was tactful and effective in its delivery. I have personally never before encountered a more convincing or effective appeal for standing up and speaking out on behalf of the unborn. The response of our congregation was very positive and affirming of the work of CCBR but more importantly it re-ignited a pro-life conviction among our members which had been complacently packed away in mothballs for too many years. I have since been encouraged to see several members of the congregation who previously had no pro-life voice respond by actively taking up the cause of making abortion unthinkable in their own spheres of influence. CCBR has done their homework; they are organized, well researched, effectively trained and articulate in communicating their message. Above all, they demonstrate the heart of God in their ministry.


Pastor at Parkdale Grace Fellowship, Calgary, Alberta 

"I unreservedly endorse CCBR in its work of speaking up for the cause of the pre-born. We are to give justice to the weak and rescue to the frail. There is no one so weak as the child yet to be born."


Former pastor at Jubilee Canadian Reformed Church, Ottawa, Ontario

It is going to be up to all of us - you and me, our churches and our children - to make the case for the humanity of the unborn to our neighbours, co-workers, and friends. This is what the team at CCBR teaches their audiences to do. You will leave their presentations knowing you have solid, clear, and convincing arguments to make the case that the unborn are precious human beings just like the rest of us. So book them at your school, at your church, at your Young Peoples' event. You need to speak up for the unborn; CCBR will teach you how.


Editor at Reformed Perspective

After hosting two presentations by CCBR I believe I can heartily commend them to you. The speakers were very knowledgeable and committed to the cause of the unborn, and of the worldviews that exist in our day. I was both moved and encouraged to wrestle with my own lack of effort and prayer for the grave and sad condition of our society.


Pastor at Redeemer United Reformed Church, Lacombe, Alberta

Canada’s attitude about abortion puts us in the company of China, Vietnam, and North Korea. For that to change, we need a visionary strategy to open the eyes of Canadians to the evil that is being hidden behind the language of “choice.” CCBR’s efforts are an important component of that strategy. For the political arm of the pro-life movement to be effective, Canada needs these educational efforts to continue unabated. ​

Executive director for ARPA Canada 

I am writing this to indicate my support for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. This organization thinks strategically and works effectively to make abortion unthinkable and I believe it is important to support its endeavors. I am also encouraged that young people have chosen to serve Christ by intervening on behalf of the orphaned and fatherless still in their mothers’ wombs. I pray that you may also consider supporting this life-saving work.

Pastor at Calvary Church Toronto, Ontario

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