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Pro-Life Ambassadors 

Homeschool Elective Course

This course is designed to equip homeschool students (and their parents!) to be compassionate and effective defenders of pre-born children. Students will gain an understanding of the pro-life worldview from a biblical, historical, and scientific perspective, learn street-tested conversational tools to change hearts and minds on abortion, and grow in compassion for our broken culture.

  • Taught by CCBR speakers in-person or via Zoom

  • 4-6 interactive classes, each about an hour long

  • Recommended for grades 6 and up

Session 1: Introduction 
Session 2: Pro-Life Apologetics 101 
Session 3: Pro-Life Apologetics 201 

Session 4: Post-Abortion Testimonies 
Session 5: Shining the Light
Session 6: Making a Difference 

Contact us for more information on how you

can run this course with your homeschool group!


“Some of what I heard was hard to hear, but I am glad I heard it because it’s the truth, and people need to hear it. I am very glad that I took the course: it was very inspiring and motivating, and I feel more equipped to take action and defend life. I would definitely recommend it!”


"I grew in knowledge and confidence, from learning about some of the political background to how to talk to people. It made me more aware of what's going on around me and how I can respond and help. I would definitely recommend this course to young people as a great learning experience."


"The Ambassadors class was a very enjoyable experience. The speakers made it interesting and vivid by showing videos and pictures, asking questions, and letting us act out different scenarios. I learned a lot and am thankful that I took this class."


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