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Below you will find a collection of sermons as examples on how to address abortion from the pulpit. It is our prayer that churches in Canada would not be silent on abortion, but rather that they would pray and teach and speak clearly about abortion in truth and love, both from the pulpit and in conversation. When the world around us is filled with lies and false hope, our churches must be places where both the horror of abortion and the wonder of God's grace are made known.

Mercy for Manessah (2 Chronicles 33:12-13)

Pastor Mark Wagenaar | Zion Free Reformed Church, Fenwick

Abortion: The Innocent Blood of Our Sons and Daughters (Psalm 106:32–48)

Pastor John Piper

A Lifelong Refuge (Psalm 71:1-13)

Pastor Will Schuurman | Trinity Bible Chapel, Kitchener

What Does the Bible Say About Abortion? (Psalm 51)

Dave Brennan |

Imago Dei and the Sanctity of Life

Pastor Craig Turnbull | Hope Bible Chapel, Oakville

Abortion, Euthanasia and our Responsibility

Pastor Jerry Hamstra | Riverside Presbyterian Church, Cambridge

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Dave Brennan |

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